Here you will find many ideas, inspiration and tutorials on how your can make your very own home decor, decorate your home or enjoy many of my step by step wreath and floral arranging tutorials.

Are you new to DIY crafting or wreath making? You have landed in the right place to learn how to make so many useful and beautiful items for your home, give as gifts or for resale at your next craft show.

Football team spirit bow
How To Make A Wreath | Stephanie’s Creative Corner

How to Craft a College or National Football Team-Inspired Wreath Bow

Hello, fellow crafters! 🎨 Today, we’re diving into an exciting project that is perfect for sports that represents your team spirit, all while avoiding any copyright or trademark pitfalls. Why This Project is Special: Not only will you showcase your team spirit, but you’ll also be using high-quality ribbon, specifically the wired ribbon from Festive…

Trick or Treat Mesh wreth
How To Make A Wreath | Stephanie’s Creative Corner

Trick or Treat

Spooky Delights: Unraveling the Halloween Mesh Wreath with Spiders at Stake Trick-or-Treat, Halloween Enthusiasts! As the cool autumn breeze ushers in the month of October, our thoughts are filled with visions of eerie decorations, delightful scares, and of course, the much-anticipated Halloween festivities. Among the myriad of spooky adornments that grace our homes during this…

St patrick mesh wreath for front door
How To Make A Wreath

Pancake Style Wreath

Let’s make a thin(ner) wreath for your front door decor! Want to make a wreath to fit inside between your doors? This method is the perfect one to make a wreath perfect for any door. Follow these simple step-by-step directions to learn how to make this pancake-style or thin wreath. Your finished wreath should be…

Monochrome 5 ribbon bow
How To Make A Wreath

Make a Terri bow

How to make a 7 ribbon “Terri” bow This type of bow was created by my dear friend Terri Marshall from Mil and Dil Designs. We will be using 7 different wired ribbons for this gorgeous monochrome bow, however, you can use any color combinations that are appealing to you. Making a bow that is…

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