Monochrome 5 ribbon bow

How to make a 7 ribbon “Terri” bow

This type of bow was created by my dear friend Terri Marshall from Mil and Dil Designs.

We will be using 7 different wired ribbons for this gorgeous monochrome bow, however, you can use any color combinations that are appealing to you.

Making a bow that is full and beautiful doesn’t have to be difficult. This video shows you how to make this beautiful bow that can be used for your Christmas Tree Topper, lamp post, mailbox, and wreaths.

This method requires 7 different ribbons. 3- 2.5″ Wired ribbons and 4 – 1.5″ ribbons. Plus the EZ bowmaker tool.

Follow along as I show you how you can make this too! You can find the ribbon at Festive Creations by Stephanie.

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