Fall gnome wreath

21″ Mesh Wreath Tutorial

Fall Gnome wreath

This wreath was a part of the wreath kit we put together at Festive Creations By Stephanie. The tutorial video, will show you how to use 21″ mesh, but also give you a good formula for your next DIY wreath. This adorable gnome wreath kit is sold out, but don’t worry we; have new wreath kits listed in our shop for purchase.

Turning the end in on the mesh helps cover up some of the raw edgings you will see on a roll of mesh at the start. This helps mask, and reduce the fraying.

Start making a ruffle about 8″ in size, if you are using a 15″ work-frame. You can adjust the size of your ruffles according to your frame size. In my experience 8″ gives good full coverage on this particular work-frame.

After starting the initial ruffle, I use the ties on the frame to measure out my next ruffle. I stretch the mesh out skipping one tie on the frame to get an approximate measurement. ( See video tutorial for more details)

Now we can cut the mesh off and tie the raw edge into the nearest work tie, and/or zip tie it to the frame. Once this step is completed you can move forward with the rest of your design. Be sure to check out our other tutorials like our tutorial on how to use a 10″ wreath frame.

This kit includes:

  • 1 roll 21″ mesh
  • 1 roll 10″x10yd mesh
  • 1 12″x6″ wood sign
  • 2 rolls 1.5″ wired ribbon
  • 1 roll 2.5″ wired ribbon
  • 1 15″ elevated work frame with ties

Additional tools that you may need for this wreath design:

Check out our blog on common tools for wreath making here:

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