patriotic 4 ribbon bow made with EZ bow maker

With patriotism always in style, I’m thrilled to share how you can create a stunning 4-ribbon patriotic bow that’s perfect for any occasion that calls for a touch of red, white, and blue. Whether you’re decking out your home for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or just want to show some pride in your country, this bow is an eye-catcher!

Make a bow like a PRO

Let’s Get Crafty!

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a bow that’s sure to dazzle:

  1. Choose Your Ribbons: Select four different patriotic-themed ribbons. I love using varying patterns like stars and stripes to give the bow that vibrant pop.
  2. Load Your EZ Bow Maker: With your ribbons chosen, it’s time to start forming your bow. Use the EZ Bow Maker to help keep your loops consistent and fluffy.
  3. Form Your Loops: Create loops of varying sizes with your ribbons, alternating the patterns as you go to distribute the colors evenly.
  4. Secure Your Bow: Once you’re happy with your bow’s shape and fullness, use the floral wire or zip ties to secure it in the center. This will keep your masterpiece tight and in shape.
  5. Fluff and Arrange: Don’t be afraid to fluff out each loop and arrange the tails so they cascade beautifully.
  6. Finishing Touches: If you’re planning to hang your bow or attach it to a wreath, a pipe cleaner is perfect for creating a handy hanger or attachment point.

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