stephanie with ems bow and go bow maker

First Step Let’s Assemble

  • Grab Em’s Bow & Go and let’s put it together.
  • Unboxing Your Bow Maker– First, we’ll start with unboxing. I’ll show you what’s inside and explain each part of Em’s Bow & Go.
  • Assembling Made Simple -Then, it’s time to put it all together. Don’t worry, it’s easy! I’ll guide you through each step to get your bow maker ready in no time.
  • Ready to Make Bows?– Once assembled, you’re all set to start making bows.
  • Get Crafting – Em’s Bow & Go is here to make your bow-making fun and easy.
Let’s get this assembled so we can start making bows.

Let’s Make a Bow

Let’s make bow making super easy with Em’s Bow & Go. It’s great for any skill level and makes beautiful bows for your projects.

Quick Setup

First, set up your Em’s Bow & Go. See the video above.

Choose Your Ribbon

The key to a great bow is using a wired ribbon. It shapes easily and looks great. Find lots at Festive Creations by Stephanie.


  • Practice to find what you like.
  • Try different ribbons for fun effects.
  • Always fluff your bows for a nice finish.

Get Supplies Here

Need supplies? Check out Festive Creations by Stephanie for everything you need, including Em’s Bow & Go.

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