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What tools do I need to make a wreath?

There are so many tools out there it can be hard to know which ones you need to start making wreaths either as a hobby or as a small business.

When I first started making wreaths, I didn’t have a clue about what tools to get. Luckily for those who have yet tried their hands at crafting or just want an easier way into this hobby–I found what works best and am happy to share them with everyone!

I have included links to all my favorite wreath-making tools below. Click on the title to get yours. Some of the items may include an affiliate link.

Wreath making tools including glue gun and staple gun
wire cutters necessary for wreath making

Wire Cutters

When making a wreath, you will use many things that have wires in them. Things like floral stems and pipes cleaners. To ensure that your scissors are sharp and ready for ribbon, you’ll want a good pair of wire cutters to cut all the other things.


Keeping a good pair of sharp scissors ready for ribbon is just as important as the ribbon itself. Using a good pair of sharp scissors helps avoid fraying of the ribbon.

Scissors for cutting ribbon for wreath making
Glue gun for wreath making and crafting

Glue Gun

When trying to find a glue gun, there are so many options that it can be confusing. Luckily I finally found one which did not break my bank and worked great!

Hot Glue Sticks

When designing products, it’s important to give customers high-quality materials. With so many different brands of glue sticks on the market today I found that this particular one has worked best for me and holds up great!

glue sticks for wreath making and crafting
mesh cutter for wreath making

Rotary Cutter

When working with mesh, the tool of choice is often a rotary cutter. This type not only speeds up how fast you can cut your desired piece but also leaves cleaner cuts that are less prone to fraying or pulling apart later on! This is an optional tool, as scissors will work well too.

Cutting Mat

A cutting mat is a great way to measure out many different things when making a wreath. Such as, mesh, size of wreath, ribbon, and so much more. I started out using this exact mat and I must say I have no regrets! It’s been 4 years and I am still using the same mat I started out with.

cutting mat for wreath making
electric staple gun for attaching signs to wreaths.

Staple Gun

The older I get, the more difficult it is to squeeze the handle on my staple gun, so when I found this gem (suggested by my son), it has proven to be a great addition to my tools! I don’t need to use a death grip to staple my items.

Floral Wire

For me, floral wire is a versatile tool that I use in many areas of my designs. I use floral wire in many areas in my designs such as bows, adding my swags to lanterns, lamp posts and so many more uses. 22 gauge is my go to size for my craft room.

floral wire used for wreath making
wood floral picks for wreath making or floral design

Floral Pick

To add height to your florals you may need some floral picks to do so. These are handy to have when designing, either floral designs or crafting wreaths. I will also use these to insert into foam embellishments to easily attach to my designs.

Floral Tape

Floral tape is an essential part of any wreath designer’s toolkit. With it you can make the stems on your flowers or greenery look more cohesive.

floral tape used for wood picks on floral or wreath making
bow maker used for wreath making

Bow Maker

This bow maker is equivalent to having a second pair of hands when it comes to making bows. When I first started I was hand making my bows until I discovered this tool and it now has become a must have when making bows.

Chenille Stems or Pipe Cleaners

If you’re using a base that does not have twist ties on the frame you need pipe cleaner. These are also used when I need to attach a sign to my designs.

pipe cleaners for wreath making

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few additional items you may want in the future in your wreath making tool caddy. Certainly not necessary for beginners but you can add them to your wish list when the spouse or kids ask what you want for your birthday!

Happy Wreath Making!

Stephanie holding a farmhouse wreath and 2 other wreaths in frames

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