Photo sunflowers and metal ring
Photo sunflowers and metal ring

This particular design can be hung in your kitchen or really anywhere in your home. This will definitely get your neighbors adorning your front door too.

Tools needed

  • Wire Cutters
  • Spray foam insulation for small gaps and cracks
  • 1 Rustic Metal Ring
  • 2 Sunflower Stems
  • 1 roll 2.5″ wired ribbon
  • 1 roll 1.5″ wired ribbon
  • Ring, florals, greenery and ribbon available at Festive Creations by Stephanie

This adorable sunflower door hanger is inspired by my country living in Illinois.

Sunflowers are in season from summer to fall and I love the vibrance the blooms offer as decor.

DIY Rustic Ring Tutorial

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