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Living in Illinois, our opportunity for great conditions for planting is a very small window. Today was a day to get a good start on a vision for an area in the corner of my exterior home, next to our new deck we installed two years ago.

I originally laid out landscaping fabric, then just put pebble rock in it originally, but now I am ready to transform it to a little more curb appeal.

I didn’t think to take a before picture I started this adventure, but enjoy a small idea of where I began with my Granddaughter Arya.

picture of my granddaughter Arya

I began by clearing an area with the pebbles larger than the pot my plant, then digging into the landscaping fabric down to the soil deep enough for the entire pot to sit into the hole.

Variegated Hostas are getting ready for planting here. These are perennials and hardy for the Illinois climate.

I planted other perennials today too. The Gold Thread Spirea will change colors in the fall and the Dianthus .

There is nothing more satisfying than nurturing new plant life for not only the appeal but the benefits of plants in general.

I brought these beautiful purple flowers pericallis thinking they were perennials just by their name, I was sadly mistaken. They definitely are a vibrant color and for this year I chose to plant in my favorite planter, but integrated into my new landscaping.

I chose another perennial (Asiatic Lily in yellow) to plant in the ground between the Dianthus.

For the large container on top of the brick pillar we made, I chose White Mountain perennial. The beautiful golden centers will bring the colors all together.

I repurposed bricks from an old sidewalk we dug up for the 24″ x 20″ base with my large center planter.

A big shout out to Marshall and Abby for helping me with the landscaping too! They carried all the bricks and moved those large rocks for me.

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