Learn how to make one of our wreath kits as well as extra tips and tricks tools for wreath makers.

Use one of our easy-to-follow kits, the designs are created to be used for many kits.

Can’t find an exact video for the kit you purchased from us? The concept is often the same for kits. Preview the contents of the following kits. If you kit contains the same or similar items you can simply follow the same process for your wreath kit.

Floral pick machine with Stephanie

Wreath Kits and more

by Stephanie Williams

St patrick mesh wreath for front door
How To Make A Wreath

Pancake Style Wreath

Let’s make a thin(ner) wreath for your front door decor! Want to make a wreath to fit inside between your doors? This method is the perfect one to make a wreath perfect for any door. Follow these simple step-by-step directions to learn how to make this pancake-style or thin wreath. Your finished wreath should be…

simply blessed mesh and floral wreath
How To Make A Wreath

Simply Blessed Door Wreath

Create your own vibrant front door wreath with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Brighten your home and greet your guests with the Simply Blessed message. Featuring yellow sunflowers and blue wildflowers, this wreath is sure to make your home feel warm and welcoming. This is a kit I put together for all of you craft lovers! This…

Let it snow christmas wreath
How To Make A Wreath

Let It Snow Winter Wreath

How to make a Snowman Wreath You can truly express your personality with a front door wreath. Hi! My name is Stephanie Williams and I am an online teacher who shares simple tutorials on how to create those amazing looking holiday decorations that people love so much during the winter season – especially when they’re…

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