Learn how to make one of our wreath kits as well as extra tips and tricks tools for wreath makers.

Use one of our easy-to-follow kits, the designs are created to be used for many kits.

Can’t find an exact video for the kit you purchased from us? The concept is often the same for kits. Preview the contents of the following kits. If you kit contains the same or similar items you can simply follow the same process for your wreath kit.

Floral pick machine with Stephanie

Wreath Kits and more

by Stephanie Williams

DIY Christmas Wreath Kit
How To Make A Wreath | Stephanie’s Creative Corner | Wreath Tips & Tricks

Crafting Your Own Wreath with Festive Creations by Stephanie’s DIY Wreath Kit

### Excerpt: Unleash Your Creativity with Festive Creations DIY Wreath Kit

Discover the joy of crafting with Festive Creations by Stephanie’s innovative DIY Wreath Kit. This kit isn’t just a set of materials; it’s your gateway to personalizing your front door with unique flair. Inside, you’ll find a mix of mesh, a decorative sign, wired ribbon, and a wreath frame, alongside a versatile guide offering six unique crafting options to match your kit’s contents. Each option in the guide is paired with a QR code, leading you to a corresponding video tutorial. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned crafter, these resources are designed to guide and inspire you to create a wreath that’s distinctly yours. Join Coach Stephanie in this crafting journey and transform your doorway with a touch of handmade charm.

Stephanie with ice skating wreath kit of the month
How To Make A Wreath | Stephanie’s Creative Corner

Crafting Joy:Ice Skating Wreath Kit

November 2023 Welcome to Festive Creations by Stephanie, where we bring the magic of the winter season right to your doorstep! Our November 2023 wreath kit is here, and it’s all about capturing the whimsical spirit of ice skating in a beautiful wreath. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to create your…

merry christmas door wreath
How To Make A Wreath | Stephanie’s Creative Corner

Crafting – Merry Christmas Mesh DIY Wreath

Dive into the world of holiday crafting with our detailed tutorial. Learn how to create a stunning emerald green, red, and white Christmas wreath, adorned with glittering accents and charming ribbon loops. Follow our step-by-step instructions and transform your home decor into a festive wonderland.

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